Liaoning Baiwei and Jinyu Yikang shared laboratory and strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held successfully

Liaoning Baiwei and Jinyu Yikang shared laboratory and strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held successfully


On October 14, 2020, Mr. Feng Xinghua, general manager of Liaoning Baiwei Trading Co., Ltd., and his wife, Ms. Wang Yanxia, were invited to visit Liaoning Yikang biological Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jinyu biology. They had in-depth exchanges with Liu Guoying, general manager of Liaoning Yikang, on issues such as precise prevention and control of avian epidemics for large-scale breeding users, and reached a high degree of consensus Cooperation in signing strategic agreements.

Liaoning Baiwei Trading Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in animal protection product marketing and service. It has excellent marketing team and strong promotion ability in new products and technologies of animal protection. Liaoning Yikang biological Co., Ltd. has 62 years of animal vaccine production and research history, and has unique advantages in the research and development of new animal vaccine products The central laboratory has been certified by CNAs. Both sides have common expansion needs in product promotion and technical services, and are highly complementary in service channels and technical support resources. Reaching strategic cooperation will form strong alliance and complementary advantages, which will definitely create a new situation of precise service for breeding users, and will greatly boost the business development of both sides in the future.

After the meeting, the two sides signed the sharing agreement under the joint witness of Ms. Wang Yanxia, Ms. Li Shuang, manager of Liaoning Yikang biological research and development center, manager of Liaoning Yikang biological research and development center, Ms. Yinna, manager of Liaoning Yikang commercial department, Yin Guangdong manager of Jinyu poultry products technical service, manager Yin Haiying, manager Ding Lijia, business manager Guo Yu, Liu Chuang, etc Laboratory and strategic cooperation agreement, and held the opening ceremony of Liaoning Baiwei commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. in Yikang testing service center.

At present, the situation of prevention and control of avian epidemic diseases is becoming more and more complex under the environment of comprehensive prohibition of breeding industry. How to control the epidemic situation in time, so as to prevent and control the epidemic disease through feeding management, biological safety and other means, put forward higher requirements for disease monitoring, analysis and development of prevention and control solutions. The strategic cooperation between Liaoning Baiwei and Liaoning Yikang and the establishment of shared laboratory are just in time! Through the cooperation of Liaoning Baiwei technology promotion, Jinyu Yikang technical support, Jinyu bio intelligent manufacturing and intelligent epidemic prevention big data platform, it brings new hope for the accurate prevention and control of epidemic diseases for breeding users in Liaoning Province and Northeast China, provides the best solutions and deep technical services for users' healthy breeding, burden reduction and efficiency enhancement, and will certainly protect animal health and human food safety Make new contributions in all fields.

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Yin Haiying

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