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company culture

Enterprise vision: to build the bioengineering enterprise with the most core competitiveness

Yikang company takes science and technology as the guide, strives for survival by quality, strives for development by management, continuously improves technology research and development ability, improves fine management level, enhances product quality stability and safety, gradually extends the company's business chain and service chain, enhances the overall strength and brand influence of Yikang, and realizes healthy and rapid development of Yikang in the fierce market competition "Excellent quality and scientific management" is the concentrated embodiment of Yikang's core competitiveness and the internal requirement of enterprise vision. We should speed up the technological innovation of Yikang, enhance the R & D strength of Yikang, develop products with independent intellectual property rights and competitive advantages, provide customers with high-quality products and high-quality services, constantly enhance the reputation of enterprises, set up industry benchmarks for product quality, and make enterprises become industry leaders.

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