Quality Control

Through the organic combination of ISO9001 quality management system, CNAs National Laboratory Accreditation and veterinary drug GMP, the company has comprehensively improved the quality management level of enterprises and ensured the improvement of product quality and quality.


The company uses imported adjuvants and culture medium and other raw and auxiliary materials, and strictly screen high-quality egg source to ensure that product quality management moves forward and control product quality from the source.


Imported adjuvantImported mediumNon immune embryo suppliersNon immune embryo


Strictly control the intermediate products and process nodes to ensure the final quality.


Sampling quality controlQuality control of SPF egg disinfectionQuality control of Mycoplasma


Aseptic quality controlQuality control of exogenous virusQuality control of antigen content


The company strictly implements GMP standards for veterinary drugs, and carries out inspection according to higher than national quality standards to ensure that each bottle of products meets the needs of customers.


Quality control of protein content

Quality control of particle size and particle size distribution

Quality control of bacterial endotoxin


Quality control of fluorescence quantitative detection

Viscosity quality control

Quality control of exogenous virus

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