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Jinyu Cup Ward Co., Ltd. successfully held the first immunization training camp

Immunization training camp held in yukou

Overcome difficulties and forge ahead

In the first half of 2020, with the joint efforts of all employees, Yikang company has achieved good economic benefits, but there is still a big gap to achieve the annual production and operation goals. The production tasks of the company in the second half of the year are still very arduous.

Always be the guardian of equipment

"Mountains are not high, immortals are famous; water is not deep, there are dragons." This is a well-known sentence in the Song Dynasty thinker Zhou Dunyi's "on loving Lotus".

I love you Yikang

In the ancient city of Liaoyang, there is a place I love

Moving in life

In life, there will always be some beautiful things will quietly appear, to embellish your watery life, that is --- moved!

Spring of Xinyikang

In Eastern Liaoning Province, the cold and long winter has passed

Workers from Damei Yikang present may day

"When the spring breeze kisses the earth, all things come back to life and become colorful. In the spring breeze, Yikang's steps are bold and tough, and zhongyikang's mind is straight and vigorous... " Every morning, we Yikang people listen to the song of Yikang, which is full of lofty feelings and inspiring people. We step into the garden like Yikang factory area, and go to their familiar jobs one after another, carrying out orderly production and labor.

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