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Company Profile

Liaoning Yikang biological Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Jinyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 600201). Yikang company has been devoted to the production, R & D and operation of animal biological products such as animal vaccines and therapeutic antibodies for 60 years. It is a designated manufacturer of highly pathogenic avian influenza inactivated vaccine designated by the Ministry of agriculture. Decades of grinding a sword, adhering to provide first-class quality products and services, benefit the breeding industry.

Yikang company has a team of nearly 300 employees, including more than 200 technical personnel with master's degree and undergraduate degree as the main body, and nearly 50 researchers and senior engineers. They concentrate on the production, inspection, R & D and sales of products.

The 8 latest GMP production lines of Yikang company integrate the vaccine concentration and purification technology with exclusive intellectual property rights, and integrate the internal control standards of exclusive protein, endotoxin, efficacy, safety and purity, and carry the manufacturing of animal biological products such as poultry, pig, dog, ruminant with intelligent technology and craftsmanship spirit. The products have been sold and served for a long time in breeding groups and enterprises all over the country, and exported to Egypt, Nigeria, Myanmar, Iran and other countries. The products of recombinant avian influenza virus (H5 + H7) trivalent inactivated vaccine, chicken Marek's disease live vaccine, goose plague freeze-dried egg yolk antibody and other products and combined immunization procedures have been praised by domestic and foreign users. The inactivated rabies vaccine has been well used in pet hospitals. The live vaccine of classical swine fever (CSFV) has been included in the special vaccine for epidemic prevention by many pig breeding groups.

Yikang company is a "key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Plan", "innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Liaoning Province", and a state-level contract abiding and trustworthy unit. It has won many scientific and technological innovation awards such as the second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Liaoning Province Science and technology progress. It has more than 20 new drug certificates and authorized patents.

Through in-depth cooperation with Harbin Veterinary Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute, Agricultural University of China, Nanjing Agricultural University, Yangzhou University, China Veterinary Drug Supervision Institute and other institutions, the company's products are continuously driven to international leading quality by scientific and technological innovation.

Yikang has always been committed to meeting the needs of customers and providing efficient solutions for epidemic prevention and control. Supported by CNAs recognized disease detection center, eight professional innovation platforms and ISO9001 quality management system, Yikang has established a comprehensive and efficient service system.

The company's eternal theme is to provide new products, new technologies and new processes for disease prevention and control, and to enable the healthy development of the breeding industry. It is also the source power for the sustainable development of the company.

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