Serving the masses and warming the hearts of the people

In order to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, in accordance with the unified requirements and deployment of the higher Party committee, the Party committee of Yikang company organized all Party members and party activists to enter the Keyao community of Taizihe District, Liaoyang City, where the company is located, to carry out the activity of "serving party members entering the community" on June 23, 2018.

A total of 45 party members and activists participated in the activity. They gave up their rest time and came to the company on time to participate in voluntary service activities.

At the beginning of the activity, all Party members held up their right hands to review the oath of joining the party in the face of the solemn party flag at the gate of the company, remember the oath of joining the party, encourage each party member not to forget the original intention, keep in mind the purpose, and exert the spirit of being willing to contribute and serving the people wholeheartedly.

Subsequently, all Party members and activists joining the Party led by Comrade Li Shangbo, the party secretary, took the tools of shovel and sickle to the flood control ditch in the residential area, together with the staff in the community to clean up the rubbish in the ditch, and ensure that the drug community passed the flood season smoothly in the summer. In the flood control ditch, there are many weeds, which are full of beverage bottles, small food bags, beer bottles, rotten tomatoes and other domestic garbage. Under the grass, there are still dead branches of barbed wire and jujube trees. In the face of the smelly, dangerous and dirty flood control ditch, we do not have to be timid. Instead, we give full play to the Communist Party members' spirit of fearing hardship, fatigue and dirty. In the hot summer, we jump into the flood control ditch and clear the water Take care of the garbage. Secretary Li ordered everyone to cut the tall grass with a sickle, then rake them up and make a pile of garbage. Finally, they shovel rubbish onto the roadside and wait for loading. We have a clear division of labor and work in an orderly manner. Secretary Li took the lead in picking up piles of garbage in the flood control ditch on the west side of the road with a two tooth rake. Comrade Huang Tinghe, deputy manager of the company, with a sickle, led another party member team to clean up the garbage in the flood control ditch on the east side of the road. The last outlet of the western side ditch was blocked by loess and blocked by solid. With the help of shovel and other tools, it was difficult to dredge. The task of labor was very difficult. Comrade Chen Lin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the trade union, contacted and hired the hook machine in a timely manner. He led the third party branch members to share their ambition. They took advantage of the two days in June 23rd and 24th to swallow this hard bone.

When the temperature is around 30 ℃, everyone moves quickly and sweats like rain. No one says a tired word. Even some comrades have their arms and hands scratched by rattan grass, and their feet are pricked with iron nails. They still work without complaining. After more than two hours of hard work, we cleaned up the garbage of two big four wheeled vehicles, dredged four pipe openings, and two flood control ditches were clean and tidy, which eliminated the hidden danger of flood control. After the garbage was removed, Party members and comrades cleaned the streets clean, and the residents nearby raised their thumbs in admiration.

Through the in-service party members entering the community and clarifying their identity, the relationship between the party members and the community residents is close, and they have made their own contributions to jointly build a happy community and beautify the community environment.

Through this activity, the party building work of Yikang company has been strengthened, and the ideals and beliefs of Party members have been strengthened. Under the background of new system, new idea, new goal and new journey, all Party members and comrades of the company are expected to be based on their own duties and play the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, so as to make their own contribution to the further development of Xinyikang and the realization of Jinyu group's international strategic goal Contribution.

                                                                     Party committee of Liaoning Yikang biological Co., Ltd

                                                                               June 24, 2018

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