Drunk a youth of China

Zheng Xin, the fifth branch of labor union of Liaoning Yikang biological Co., Ltd


Drunk a youth of China, suddenly feel that this gorgeous youth is too hasty! Before you show your posture on the stage of life, the melody of the curtain has already sounded gently in your ears. On this stage, we have been lonely, hesitating, crazy; we have laughed, cried, tired. But everyone has never regretted it. Here, we saw the spring flowers, tasted the comfort of summer, fell in love with the soft beauty of autumn moon, and felt the charm of winter; here, we have been running through the ancient road of dust, and we have listened to the rain under the eaves safely and calmly. "The past years, moving and quiet meaning, meet several times spring change." In a person's world, drunk a youth of China.

Once upon a time, suddenly found that we are no longer free to play, that restless heart, gradually began to quiet down. Slowly you and I learned to listen, occasionally in a sleepless night, you may hear the tick of the passage of time. Those green and pure years, also like this falling leaves, it will slip from your side, slowly floating into the memory corridor, for years of collection. Still remember those years in school days, the rush to live a single decadent learning life. Although every day I feel that there is no clear direction, but because I chose to study this way, we should firmly go on. So whenever I experience setbacks, I will try to stand up, there is no reason for me to give up. The gains and losses of those four years, the bitterness and joy of four years, are just a spray in the long river of years. Now, leaving the university campus, do not think too much, I just need to know that the road ahead, spread to the unknown distance, and I have been on the road, I need to go down steadily.

Twenty three years old, graduated from university. There was no time to squander my youth. I went directly from school to work. The change of environment and interpersonal relationship did not make me feel at a loss. Unlike most college students who have just graduated, I suddenly feel that I don't have time for self pity. I need more time to study. There are many kinds of daily work. I prefer to regard it as one of my missions rather than work. From the beginning in order to complete the task, to the final all-round, even to find fault. I have learned that every detail in an experiment may be decided by the success or failure of a result. The passion of my youth, spread in my work place. On the battlefield of youth, youth is my ideal wing, and I work in the blue sky.

Outside of work, I prefer my youth to be quiet and powerful. I used to play with three or five friends. Now I prefer a person to feel the beauty of their youth. Burning a wisp of fragrance, tasting a cup of tea, listening to a quiet and gentle, low back twists and turns of the Cheng School Peking Opera. At the moment, who knows the restlessness of the past and the reality? In the slow years, I believe that the road of life has a more moving landscape. It is like the most crystal clear dream before the end of youth. We struggle in reality, drunk in the youth, walking on the road of struggle.

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