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情暖除夕夜 关怀显真情

猪去长空辞旧岁,鼠来大地迎新春! 2020年1月24日除夕夜,在党委书记李尚波同志的带领下,生产总监马振宇同志、质保总监王革新同志、销售总监黄廷鹤同志、党委副书记、工会主席陈林同志一行,代表益康公司领导班子,深入公司各部门,向坚守在一线工作岗位上的工作人员送上慰问金以及最诚挚的问候和新春祝福!

Yikang biology 2020 campus recruitment Guide

Selection object: outstanding graduates of 2020

Publicity of environmental protection acceptance report for completion of boiler technical transformation project

According to the decision of the State Council on Amending the regulations on the administration of environmental protection of construction projects (Order No. 682 of the State Council) and the announcement on Issuing the Interim Measures for environmental protection acceptance of completed construction projects

The Party committee of Yikang company held a report meeting of "keeping the original mind and keeping the mission in mind"

In order to further study the spirit of speech delivered by general secretary Xi Jinping in the theme of "never forget his mind and remember his mission".

Party committee of Yikang company carries out knowledge answering activities

In order to commemorate the 98th anniversary founding of the Communist Party of China, and further promote the understanding and understanding of the nineteen major spirits of the party members, the party constitution and the nineteen spirits of Xi Jinping and the socialist ideology of China with the Chinese characteristics in the new era, according to the document requirements of the Organization Department of Taizi River District, on the eve of 71, the Liaoning Limited by Share Ltd Party committee organized the party spirit of the party history, the party constitution, the nineteen spirits and Xi Jinping. "The thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era".

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