Spring of Xinyikang

——Zheng Wei

Liaodong land

The cold and long winter has passed

Melting ice and snow in the sun

For the germination of new life

It brings infinite vitality

The ancient city of Liaoyang

Bringing up Yikang's heroic children

They are full of ambition

Waiting for new opportunities

Months of hard choices

Finally ushered in the rise of new Yikang

Jinyu flagship

Opened up a new route for us

Long wind and waves, ambitious

Under the protection of Jinyu aircraft carrier

We are not afraid of big waves

The whistle of a new voyage

Echo in every Yikang people's ears

"Responsibility, innovation and value" are deeply imprinted on

Every Yikang person's heart

Perfect combination of foot and mouth disease and avian influenza

It will make "protect animal safety and protect human health" true

Take the lead in China's animal insurance industry

It's no longer our goal

Standing in the same industry in the world

Only in this way can we continue to work hard

The glory of the 19th CPC National Congress

Guide us to forge ahead

Only do not forget the original intention, firmly grasp the quality and open up the market

We must always make Yikang brilliant again!

Sixty years of ups and downs.

It has refined Yikang's life with both ability and morality.

The hard work of generations.

A glorious half century.

Today, Yikang and Baoling are under the banner of Jinyu

Ushered in the birthday of shuangjiazi

Let's follow the footsteps of our predecessors.

Let the towering trees of the former race become more prosperous

So that future generations will always have a cool ride

Move on! Yikang people of Jinyu family

Realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

It's no longer a dream

Using Xi Jinping's China characteristic socialism theory

Arm our minds

The morning light of early spring is shining on us

We are down-to-earth

Bi will create history and create brilliance

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