Moving in life

Zhang Xinguo


In life, there will always be some beautiful things will quietly appear, to embellish your watery life, that is --- moved!

Moving is a kind of nutrient, a sublimation of emotion and spiritual nourishment. It is born in love. Only those who have love can get it

Moved, can wash people's mind impurities, it is like a multi flavor bottle, let us taste the ups and downs of life. It is also like a furnace to help us refine the true meaning of life.

Moving is a refreshing spring, moving is the warm wind that makes people want to be drunk. Those beautiful moments in my memory, like some days that can't fall, linger in my mind and flash in my dream. The feeling slides into my heart like water along the lines in my palm.

Moved, narrowed the distance between me and my friends, so that we will always maintain the sincere friendship, maintain the deep emotional exchange and touch. Care for each other, encourage each other, give each other.

When I don't know where the road ahead is, my mother whispered to me: "children, continue to read, my father will provide you with school, no matter it's a pot or a pot, iron will be sold for you." I was moved by the strong family affection.

When I stepped into the first birthday of the university campus, alone to enjoy the loneliness, my roommate gave me a not big birthday cake, a sweet smile, a "Happy Birthday" blessing, I was moved by pure students.

When I came home from a business trip, my girlfriend didn't tell me in advance. The house was full of friends and colleagues. I was moved by the strong love.

When two young people struggling in other countries got married and lived in no fixed place; when I was injured and hospitalized, it was you Yikang who gave us shelter and helped us to fight for a better life; it was you, Yikang's leaders and colleagues, who gave us courage to overcome difficulties, gave us the same warmth as our family, and your thick palm gave us strength, I was deeply moved.

When we completed the difficult "life journey" and walked through the thorns and rugged life, the help and selfless dedication of my companions moved me to tears.

As a member of this team, I am proud to contribute my youth, wisdom and vitality to such an excellent team. My team has been moving me and pushing me forward.

In fact, moving does not need too many words, does not need too many tears, also does not need too much praise, does not need your effort to change something. Moving is a delicate feeling, like a clear brook flowing quietly on the road of our life. Only when it flows through the rugged mountain road, it gently stirs up a crystal clear little water flower, and then continues to flow forward.

Those slightly moved, like the Ivy's tentacles towards the sun, every vibration is the transmission of life information. Learn to move, don't be stingy about your happiness, share it with your friends, let them move; learn to move, don't restrain your sadness, let it fly to the vast sky. In the face of the mirror, I am moved by myself, for the pursuit of moving, for kindness, for sincerity You will find that the whole world will become more brilliant and beautiful in your moving!

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